Westminster Abbey Foundation (also known as the Westminster Abbey Trust)

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Registered Charity No: 1116371 (England & Wales).

It is difficult to overstate the importance of Westminster Abbey in the nation’s spiritual, historical and cultural make-up. For 1000 years it has shared our country’s tragedies and celebrations. This Gothic masterpiece is the burial place or memorial site of over 3,300 souls including statesmen, poets, scientists, warriors and 17 monarchs. Since 1066, it has been the coronation church and it is the national church of the Commonwealth. It also welcomes over 1.2m visitors and worshippers each year.

Two little known facts about Westminster Abbey…

1) In 1560, Queen Elizabeth I established Westminster Abbey as a ‘royal peculiar’ placing it outside the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Church of England making it directly accountable to the sovereign. This means that Westminster Abbey receives no funding from the Church, crown or government.

2) It is entirely reliant on tourism for its day-to-day needs and basic maintenance. Tourism is a precarious income source at best being easily affected by unpredictable things such exchange rates, terrorism, Icelandic volcanic ash clouds and even the 2012 Olympics, all of which have created sporadic decreases to its income.

A legacy to any aspect of the Abbey’s work from its music, choir school and education programmes to mission/worship or conservation of its fabric & collections would provide a real help.