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Our Centre aims to break new ground for animals by helping people to think differently about animals.

The Centre is the first in the world dedicated to pioneering ethical perspectives on animals through academic research, teaching, and publication. We want to put ethical concern for animals on the intellectual agenda, and contribute to an enlightened public debate about animals.

The Centre was founded in 2006 by the renowned Oxford theologian and ethicist Professor Andrew Linzey.

We believe that the rational case for animals is frequently understated within academia and misrepresented in the media. We are committed to contributing to thoughtful public debate about animals.

We have created a world-wide association of academics from all disciplines who want to pioneer ethical perspectives on animals.

The Centre publishes, in partnership with the University of Illinois Press, the Journal of Animal Ethics, dedicated to exploring the moral dimension of our relations with animals. The Centre also partners with Palgrave Macmillan in publishing the Animal Ethics Book Series, which has already published fifteen pioneering books on animal ethics. In addition, the Centre sponsors an annual Summer School on animal ethics in Oxford.

We are proud of our academic independence. The Centre is an independent educational company for the purpose of "adult and other education". It is not under the aegis, control, or sanction of the University of Oxford.