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HMRC Charities Reference No: X23490/3.

The Natural History Museum is uniquely positioned to engage people with the natural world through an unrivalled collection of 80 million specimens. It is also at the heart of finding answers to some of the planet's biggest questions. By supporting the work of the Museum's expert scientists with a gift in your Will you could unlock a solution to climate change, food poverty or disease migration. A legacy to the Museum could also be used to enthuse the next generation of conservationists, environmentalists and natural scientists to continue this work. Gifts left to the Museum will predominantly support our priority scientific and educational projects.

Leaving a legacy of any size will make a vital difference to the future protection, understanding and enjoyment of our natural world.

If you are interested in supporting the Museum in this way or have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will please contact Carla Dormer by telephone on 020 7942 6044 or via email on

Thank you for thinking of the Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum is registered for tax exemption meaning the value of your gift can be deducted from the value of your estate before an assessment is made for inheritance tax.