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The National Free Wills Network

Join 750 solicitors in supporting 70 charities.

The National Free Wills Network has referred over 65,000 charity supporters to its member law firms since it started in 2008 and generated over £55 million in future income for the charities taking part. 

It does not cost you anything to be part of the Network, in fact despite its name it is a paid-for Wills programme. Each referring charity pays for the client’s simple Will (as defined by the solicitor) to be written. You will be able to charge the supporter/client for any necessary additional work. 

We are always happy to welcome new firms to the Network - please email or call 0345 686 4309 for more information.

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  • The National Free Wills Network

    What is the National Free Wills Network?

    Supplier news16 January 2017

    As the National Free Wills Network enters its 10th year, its place as the largest Free Wills programme in the UK is assured

  • The National Free Wills Network

    Free Wills Work!

    Supplier news2 December 2016

    Capacity Marketing for Charities has been running Free Wills campaigns since 2001. The thinking behind them is simple - many people don’t have wills, even though they know they should. What’s more, charities rely on gifts in wills to continue their work. If more people have wills there should be more charitable gifts.