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Registered Charity No: 252892 (England & Wales) SCO39245 (Scotland).

Our kidneys are essential to our health. They’re the most amazing organs in the human body performing more vital functions than any other organ to keep our blood clean and chemically balanced. They keep the whole body healthy - from the heart and skin to the bones and digestive system. When they don’t work, neither do we.

Right now, there are three million people in the UK facing chronic kidney disease; from grandparents to newborns. There is no cure. For many, their only hope is ground-breaking research. That’s what Kidney Research UK does - we fund vital renal research that will one day lead to better treatments, cure or perhaps to the key to preventing kidney disease altogether. With your support we can continue this important work - please make research possible by leaving a gift in your Will.

In 2017, Kidney Research UK and Kids Kidney Research merged to significantly increase paediatric renal research to transform young lives who need a cure for kidney disease.

Please help us save lives - young and old - by including Kidney Research UK in your Will. Your gift will improve lives, today.