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Registered Charity No: 1024806 (England & Wales). 

What will your legacy be? How will you be remembered? 

These are questions so many of us ask – and your Will can provide the answer for you

By leaving a gift in your Will to help animals and this home we share with them, you’ll be remembered as someone who cared about our world AND took action to make it better. 

For more than 50 years, IFAW has been fighting to create a more caring and peaceful world – one where animals and people can thrive together. 

And legacy gifts have helped make so much of that happen. In fact, any legacy gift – even just 1% of your Will – can make a big difference for animals around the world

• Picture a frightened baby elephant, orphaned when a poacher kills his mum. You can help be
   there to comfort and care for him and release him back to the wild someday. 

• You can rescue pets from rushing floodwaters and earthquake rubble, and reunite them with
   their owners. 

• You can protect our oceans’ whales and dolphins, save endangered species from wildlife
   criminals, and safeguard vital habitats. 

This is just some of the work that we do, and it’s work you can be a part of when you leave a gift to IFAW in your Will. 

Join us in protecting the future of animals and our planet, by leaving a gift to IFAW in your Will.

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