Registered Charity No: 284934 (England & Wales).

There are two Greenpeace organisations in the UK: Greenpeace Limited and Greenpeace Environmental Trust (registered charity number 284934).

Greenpeace Limited campaigns, lobbies and carries out non-violent direct actions in defence of the natural world. We work on issues ranging from climate change to oceans and promote solutions to environmental problems. A bequest to Greenpeace Limited will help to keep our campaigners in action on land and sea.

Greenpeace Environmental Trust funds scientific research and investigations into environmental damage. Our recent activities include documenting the effects of logging in the Amazon and surveying dolphin populations in the UK. A bequest to Greenpeace Environmental Trust can help to fund this vital work.

For more information on either organisation, please write to Andrew Sturley, Greenpeace (ref LGS), Canonbury Villas, London N1 2PN