Experian helps many organisations face ID verification challenges, acting as a trusted partner to deliver not just our technology but also to offer our expertise.

As specialists in identity verification we can help legal practices carry out due diligence checks and help to comply with anti-money laundering legislation. We have a range of products designed to make the verification process simple and quick, saving you time and money and improving the quality of your customer service.

Traditionally, the checking of a client’s identity has required them to visit you with paper-based proofs. Your practice must then assess the documents and manage the storage and audit trail for them. This takes considerable resource and time as well as requiring specialist knowledge to assess documents. Advances in technology mean that manual processes can now be reduced or even eliminated through the use of electronic identity checking. Our solutions offer a variety of methods by which you can:

•  Verify identity, using solutions which access a wide depth and breadth of electronic data,
    without the need for paper-based proofs.

•  Manage the verification process online, with a full audit trail and no need to store paper.

•  Electronically verify documents submitted online via photograph taken on a smartphone or

By using electronic methods of verification to meet your AML and KYC requirements you will:

•  Cut down on manual process and the time this takes

•  Improve efficiency and accountability

•  Offer your clients a better, more modern customer experience.

Experian is proud to be the Law Society’s preferred supplier for AML e-verifications, identity and KYC checking.


What’s new

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    Supplier news16 September 2014

    The legal and financial services sector continues to make headway in the fight against fraud, with the number of suspect cases being detected and prevented on the rise.