Eur Ing Jayesh B Patel CEng FIChemE

020 8395 1255 • Mobile: 07808 164 534

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Eur Ing Jayesh B Patel CEng FIChemE

Mobile: 07808 164 534
Tel: 020 8395 1255
Fax: 0700 6082 936

I am a chartered chemical engineer and expert witness in safety and environmental engineering and risk management.

I have over 30 years worldwide experience across a wide range of industries including the following, although I can accept instructions for other industries as the principles of good safety and risk management practice apply across all industrial undertakings:

• Onshore and offshore oil and gas and petrochemicals installations and pipelines

• Construction industry

• Railway/underground transit systems

• Dock and container operations

Professional Affiliations

Chartered Chemical Engineer
Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers
European Registered Engineer

Experience Summary

My expertise covers both technical safety and site construction & marine health, safety and environmental (HSE) management.

I have represented major oil and gas operators, design contractors, onshore and offshore marine installation contractors and technical safety consultancies.

I have acted in the capacity of Expert Witness on a range of major litigation and arbitration cases.

Specific areas of experience include:

• Close liaison with government, regulatory and independent verification bodies (Health and Safety
  Executive, Environment Agency, DnV/Lloyds Register etc.) to secure extensive range of onshore
  and offshore statutory project approvals, planning permissions, licenses and consents

• Development of project HSE strategies and programs to ensure compliance with HSE policy and
  regulatory requirement

• Establishment and implementation of safety & environmental management systems

• HSE management of contractors’ technical, and field teams through design, construction and
  marine operations phases; monitoring of their respective HSE programs and assessment of
  HSE performance

• Safety system design; HAZOP; hazard and risk analysis and assessment; Quantitative Risk

• Assessment (QRA)

• Fire and Gas Detection

• Fire Protection

• Fire and Explosion Analysis

• Health and Safety Legislation:
  - COMAH Regulations
  - Safety Case Regulations
  - Pipelines Safety Regulations
  - Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

• Onshore and offshore safety case development

• Development of emergency response procedures

• Safety audits

• Workplace method statements and risk assessments

A detailed CV is available on request:

Work/Project Locations

I have been involved in work and projects in the following countries/regulatory regimes:
U.K., Spain, France, Switzerland, Norway, Libya, Germany, Eire, India, Bangladesh, Former Soviet Union, U.S.A., Australia