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  • Church of England Pensions Board, The

    Church of England Pensions Board, The

    Registered Charity No: 236627 (England & Wales). For more than 60 years the Board has provided retirement housing to retired clergy, their spouses, widows or widowers. One in four of those retiring from the service of the Church of England ...

  • Caritas Care

    Caritas Care

    Twitter: CaritasCareUK. Facebook: Caritas Care. Registered Charity No: 326021 (England & Wales). Do you believe that every child, family and community deserve to have chances, choices and opportunities ...

  • Premier Christian Radio

    Premier Christian Radio

    Registered Charity No: 287610 (England & Wales). Premier Christian Radio is wholly owned by Premier Christian Media Trust, a charitable trust charged with proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the UK and beyond. Since it began broadcasting ...

  • Tearfund


    Registered Charity No: 265464 (England & Wales), SCO37624 (Scotland). How can you have hope when you can’t even feed your own family? Or when you’ve been forced from your home by conflict? Or when you don’t even have safe water to drink? That’s the everyday ...

  • Church Army

    Church Army

    Registered Charity No: 226226 (England & Wales), SC040457 (Scotland). Church Army’s rich history is rooted in our commitment to sharing the Christian faith through words and action. We allow God to use us to enable people right across the British Isles and Ireland ...

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  • Leonard Cheshire Disability
  • The Prison Advice & Care  Trust (Pact)
  • Age+UK+Camden
  • British+Kidney+Patient+Association
  • East+Park
  • Foundation+for+Liver+Research
  • Horses+%26+Ponies+Protection+Association
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • Telephones+for+the+Blind+Fund

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