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  • Alzheimer’s Society

    Alzheimer’s Society

    Registered Charity No: 296645 (England, Wales & Northern Ireland). United against dementia.With 61% of adults in the UK not having a valid Will, we have launched our Will to Remember scheme to encourage people to make and regularly ...

  • Dementia UK

    Dementia UK

    Registered Charity No: 1039404 (England & Wales).Helping families face dementia.We know that living with dementia can sometimes be a hard and lonely experience. Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through our Admiral Nurse service, ...

  • Independent Age

    United Beneficient Society (UBS)

    Registered Charity No: 210729 (England & Wales). Advice and support for older age Whatever happens as we get older, we all want to remain independent and live life on our own terms. That’s why, as well as offering regular friendly contact ...

  • Papworth Trust

    Papworth Trust

    Registered Charity No: 211234 (England & Wales). Papworth Trust is a leading disability charity. Our vision is a world where disabled people are seen for what they can do. We support more than 20,000 people, and their families and carers, ...

  • Opening Doors London

    Opening Doors London

    Registered Charity No: 293446 (England & Wales). Opening Doors London (ODL) specifically aims to meet the needs of older LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) communities. It is aimed at men and women who identify as LGBT and are over the age of ...

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