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  • Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum

    HMRC Charities Reference No: X23490/3. The Natural History Museum is uniquely positioned to engage people with the natural world through an unrivalled collection of 80 million specimens. It is also at the heart of finding answers to some of the planet's biggest ...

  • Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

    Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

    Registered Charity No: 1113753 (England & Wales), SCO39244 (Scotland). The SPAB was founded by William Morris in 1877 to campaign against threats to historic buildings. Today, it is the UK’s oldest and most expert building conservation charity. We still ...

  • The Peace Museum

    Peace Museum, The

    Registered Charity No: 1061102 (England & Wales). Registered Company No: 3297915. All of us would surely wish our children and future generations to be spared the effects of violent conflict and war - a poignant wish this year as we commemorate ...

  • Vulcan to the Sky Trust

    Vulcan to the Sky Trust

    Registered Charity No: 1101948 (England & Wales). Help secure the future of Avro Vulcan XH558. Avro Vulcan XH558 is the last flying example of a large all-British jet from an era when British airmen and engineers really did rule the ...

  • The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

    Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, The

    Registered Charity No: 313952 (England & Wales). When Sir Winston Churchill died over 50 years ago, thousands of people, in gratitude for his inspired leadership, gave generously so that a living memorial to the great man could benefit future generations. The ...

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