Registered Charity No: 1020073 (England & Wales).

Blindcare is an equal partnership of nine large and small charities, most covering the whole of the United Kingdom and all working for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Through the work of our partner charities we are able to provide education and training for visually impaired adults and children to help them make their way in the world to provide mobility support to help blind people lead full, active lives and to conduct international research into the prevention of blindness and other eye diseases.

Many people have chosen to remember Blindcare when they made their will. Their generosity has enabled us to give more support to the activities of our nine partner charities. By supporting Blindcare these kind people are contributing to addressing all aspects of blindness and its elimination.

We understand that your loved ones are likely to come first, but just a little of what's left over could help us create a better future, and allow those affected by blindness to live with hope.