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Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Registered Charity No: 1068911 (England & Wales), SC045070 (Scotland).

Will you remember the survivors?

2018 marks a momentous year for Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Ten years ago almost 100 horses and donkeys were rescued from Spindle Farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

This was one of the worst cases of equine neglect witnessed by Redwings' rescue team and never before had people's eyes been so opened to the suffering of horses and donkeys in the UK.

Two-month-old donkey Esther and her mum Martha were among the survivors. Esther was so weak when she arrived at Redwings she had to be carried from the lorry.

Redwings offered a home for life to 60 of the survivors of Spindle Farm, and six foals were born to rescued mares. Ten years on, 58 survivors are still alive and thriving, and thankfully these foals have never known the suffering their mothers endured.

Redwings is a 100% publicly funded charity and provides daily care to over 1,500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Redwings is only able to offer a home for life to rescued horses and donkeys because people are kind enough to remember them in their Will.

Gifts in Wills make up the largest proportion of Redwings' income and without them the charity simply wouldn't be able to exist.

It costs between £3,000 and £5,000 to care for each horse or donkey at Redwings for a year.

Thanks to gifts in Wills, the charity was able to offer a home to so many horses and donkeys rescued from Spindle Farm ten years ago, but they need your support to help care for them for the next ten years.

Leaving a gift in your Will is a special way to remember Redwings and to help us care for survivors like Esther and her mum Martha for years to come.

To remember Redwings in your Will, call 01508 481030 or email

Find out more about our work please watch our Spotlight video.


What’s new

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    Inspiring film released to remember Amersham rescue

    Supplier news22 February 2018

    Redwings Horse Sanctuary has released a moving film depicting the inspiring story of the Amersham rescue survivors. 

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    The remarkable recoveries of Redwings' Amersham rescue survivors

    Supplier news22 February 2018

    In the 10 years since the notorious rescue at Spindle Farm, many of those horses and donkeys saved have gone on to make remarkable recoveries.

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    Redwings remembers momentous Amersham rescue 10 years on

    Supplier news22 February 2018

    On 9th January 2008, a team of 32 Redwings’ staff responded to an urgent call for help from the RSPCA to assist with the rescue of almost 100 horses and donkeys found living in horrific conditions at Spindle Farm, in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    Newborn donkey foal arrives at Redwings

    Supplier news6 February 2017

    On Wednesday 01 February 2017, an irresistibly cute, two-week old donkey foal called Amos arrived at Redwings alongside mum Matilda and dad Jeremiah.

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    2016 Redwings rescue round-up

    Supplier news14 November 2016

    So far this year, we have offered a home for life to over 140 rescued horses and donkeys, with a third of these rescued from moors and commons across the country.

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