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Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Registered Charity No: 1068911 (England & Wales), SC045070 (Scotland). 

If you love horses and donkeys, remember them.

At Redwings Horse Sanctuary, we believe every horse, pony, donkey and mule has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect.

We are the UK’s largest horse sanctuary with over 1,500 horses and donkeys in our care, the majority of whom have challenging veterinary needs and sympathetic handling requirements, which are a result of the neglect and mistreatment they have previously suffered. As a sanctuary, we therefore ensure that every equine - no matter how complex their needs - has the opportunity to live out their days in a loving and safe environment.

Redwings rescues approximately 200 neglected and abandoned horses and donkeys every year. However, our ten sanctuary sites are operating at maximum capacity so in order to ensure we have space to help more horses in need we rehome those residents who have the potential to have a happy life with a loving family outside Redwings. We currently have 500 horses and ponies living out on loan in ‘Guardian’ homes.

As well as providing a place of sanctuary to rescued horses and donkeys, Redwings has five visitor centres in England and Scotland that enable supporters to see how their kind donations really can make a difference to horses and donkeys in need. Indeed, one of our Norfolk centres - Redwings Aylsham - was funded by the kind gifts left in our supporters’ Wills.

Gifts in Wills make up the largest proportion of Redwings’ income and as a 100% publicly funded charity, the Sanctuary simply wouldn’t be able to function without them. By remembering Redwings in your Will, your generosity can last beyond your own lifetime and help ensure the care and protection of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules for years to come. Thank you.

Find out more about our work please watch our Spotlight video.


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