Registered Charity No: 265464 (England & Wales), SCO37624 (Scotland).

How can you have hope when you can’t even feed your own family? Or when you’ve been forced from your home by conflict? Or when you don’t even have safe water to drink? That’s the everyday reality for hundreds of millions of people.

And yet, there is hope.

All around the world, Tearfund is empowering and equipping local churches to lead their communities out of poverty and into lives that can flourish.

The church is God’s answer to the problem of poverty. Tearfund have a uniquely Christ-centred, community-led approach, through which we enable local churches to be salt and light, helping people to lift themselves out of poverty and enjoy whole-life transformation.

With 50 years’ experience on the front lines in the fight against poverty, Tearfund is a name that can be trusted to make a lasting difference. Wherever possible we work with locally-based, Christian partners, whose valuable inside knowledge ensures that the help goes where it’s needed most.

Together, we can respond quickly and effectively to disasters, develop communities to unlock their potential, and change the unjust policies that keep people locked in poverty. We won’t stop until poverty stops.

We know the gospel has the power to transform lives and heal communities, and we see this truth in our work every day. So please consider leaving a gift to Tearfund in your Will - your support will ensure hope can flourish for generations to come.