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Gifts in Wills form the foundation of charities in the UK. Many charities depend on legacies and without them they would not exist. In fact, while 74% of the UK population support charities, only 6.3% currently leave a legacy to them when making a Will.

Remember A Charity
was formed in 2000 and now has over 140 of the UK’s favourite charities, who work together to encourage more people to consider leaving a charitable gift in their Will, once they’ve looked after their family and friends. Together, we aim to do what no single charity can do alone, making legacy giving a social norm.

Legacy income is currently worth more than £2 billion a year. If, together, we can grow the sector by just 4%, we could raise an extra £1 billion for UK charities.

Since Remember A Charity was formed, we have made huge progress towards long-term behaviour change among the UK population.

Watch our film celebrating the successes of the consortium and our progress towards achieving lasting behaviour change among the UK population.

You can download our latest impact report or take a look at our strategic plan to find out more about Remember A Charity.


What’s new

  • Remember A Charity

    World’s first charity-powered search engine answers life’s biggest questions

    Supplier news26 June 2018

    Campaign will call on public to ‘Pass On Something Wonderful’ This September, 200 charities are coming together to launch Human – the world’s first charity-powered search engine. Combining charities’ unique knowledge and expertise, Human enables the public to ask some of life’s biggest questions and to hear directly from charities, supporters and beneficiaries what they are doing in response.

  • Remember A Charity

    Remember A Charity publishes response to Inheritance Tax Review

    Supplier news13 June 2018

    The sector’s legacy consortium, Remember A Charity, has submitted its response to the government’s Inheritance Tax Review. Supported by the Institute of Fundraising and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, the response highlights the importance of legacy income and inheritance tax (IHT) relief.

  • Remember A Charity

    Inheritance Tax Review Must Take Into Account Vital Legacy Income Stream

    Supplier news4 May 2018

    Inheritance Tax (IHT) and associated tax benefits linked with legacy giving could be scrapped according to a proposal from the think tank Resolution Foundation.

  • Remember A Charity

    Tracking study indicates steady rise in legacy giving

    Supplier news9 April 2018

    Over a quarter (27%) of charity donors are preparing to leave a charitable legacy or have already done so (up from 23% in March 2009), according to the latest consumer tracking figures from Remember A Charity. Only 9% reject the prospect of making a legacy donation, down from 13% when the consortium’s tracking study began in 2009.

  • Remember A Charity

    Inheritance tax payments hit new record high

    Supplier news28 March 2018

    Inheritance tax (IHT) receipts are rising at an ‘alarming rate’, hitting £5.3 billion over the past year to the end of February, new figures show. This is a record high, representing a rise of 13% year on year.

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