Registered Charity No: 213364 (England & Wales).

The League was founded in 1915 as a living memorial to those who gave their lives for their country in the 1st World War, by providing practical help to their widows and families.

Over the years the League's remit has been widened to provide a sense of purpose, companionship and some financial assistance to the dependants of all those who have given service in the Armed Forces, to retired Forces personnel and to retired nurses, who may be in need of assistance through bereavement, isolation and inadequate or slender means.

The League recruits suitable candidates (Remembrance Workers) who assist in a variety of ways in major London hospitals working through the Voluntary Services Departments. In return for their services the Remembrance Workers receive a modest grant-in-aid from the League.

The League is not state-aided in any way and we are entirely dependent upon public generosity through subscription and donations to enable us to continue this vital work of providing useful occupation, social interaction and a much needed sense of self esteem for lonely, elderly people.

Please do consider leaving a legacy to the League of Remembrance in your will.

No matter how small, you may be sure this will be put to good use and benefit a much neglected group of our society.